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The mother's blood can verify Down syndrome in the fetus

The mother's blood can verify Down syndrome in the fetus

British scientists have developed a technique which can detect Down's syndrome in the fetus based on the analysis of the blood of the mother. Physicians should only identify the baby's DNA present in it and genetic abnormalities, thus releasing the injury risk of abortion and other procedures.

The chorionic villus sampling is the most commonly used detection technique today. Is the removal through the vagina or abdomen of a sample of tissue that surrounds the fetus, since it has the same genetic makeup. This poses a serious risk of abortion or harm to the fetus.

The alternative devised by Lyn Chitty equipment is simple maternal blood extraction and analysis of small fragments of DNA from the placenta and fetus flowing through it. The procedure has a 99% reliability and can be performed from the tenth week of gestation, which gives parents more room for a possible decision on abortion.



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