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by nina quin
Bogota Colombia
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Kia vogues and twirls her away around the alleys, bars, traffic intersections and food markets of La Candelaria in Bogotá , Colombia , searching for her lover. In the process, Kia's lissome move
Bogotá, Colombia, Progresses Future of Transit
Gas 2.0
Bogotá , Colombia , has a new vision for bicycle transit. A new message if you will. As part of the city's 16 th annual Car-Free Day, February 4 th , the people helped transform one lane of a b
Colombia showcases tourism offerings despite tight economy
The City Paper Bogota
On Wednesday, the most important travel fair in the country, ANATO, opened its doors to industry professionals showcasing their national destinations and tourism services. Held in the main exhibition

Bogota mayor seeks 10% voluntary tax to tackle 'security emergency' in ...
Colombia Reports
Bogota's Mayor has requested that citizens pay an additional 10% voluntary tax to tackle what he called a “security emergency” in Colombia's capital. Along with their taxes for property, v
Colombia's President Accused of Censoring University Students
teleSUR English
Students at the University of Los Andes in Bogota accused Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos of brushing off their criticisms and attempting to censor them for daring to confront him. Santos m
Remains of at least 100 may have been tossed into sewers under prison
... reported that at least 100 bodies had been found in sewer pipes at La Modelo prison in Bogota , Colombia . Investigators say they plan to search the pipes for the remains of up to 100 people who
Citibank and Ripley announce Colombia pull-out
The City Paper Bogota
The relentless devaluation of the Colombia peso slashed U.S dollar earnings for the retail division of New York-based Citibank, forcing the banking giant to announce that it is selling its consumer
Editorial: Colombia, you have been warned
The City Paper Bogota
It was a short trip to the Colombian coast. I love the sea, so feeling seriously deprived of a beach, I decided a few days in Cartagena could revitalize my senses. I returned to Bogotá a wreck. A



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