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by Nicolás Merino
Medellin Colombia
Why You Might Want To Consider Retiring In Medellin, Colombia
Huffington Post
Because that's exactly what you'll find in Medellín , Colombia's second-largest city (and third most-visited, after Bogota and Cartagena). Known as the City of Flowers, thanks to its et
Female Medellin Banker, MBA, On Colombia's Swelling Career Opportunities
Catherine Isaza is a Colombian banker spreading her wings. She hails from Medellin , once associated with cocaine money and violence but now regarded as the emerging market's financial capital.
Hezbollah launders Medellin drug money: DEA
Colombia Reports
Islamist group Hezbollah is laundering money for the “Oficina de Envigado,” the crime syndicate founded by slain drug lord Pablo Escobar that controls much of Colombia's second largest city crim

Good-Value Real Estate From $90000 in Vibrant Colombia
International Living
I recently found a city that meets all of these expectations and more: Medellín , Colombia . This city is just starting to hit the radar of international retirees…and for good reason. The climate is
Colombian Real Estate, Once Overlooked, Attracting Investors
Colombia's recent history has kept away foreign investors, meaning the real estate market is relatively cheap, tied to the peso, and lacks the sudden inflows and outflows of capital that would r
Software Developer Rainbow Tree, Conceived in Chicago, Chooses Medellin's Ruta ...
Finance Colombia
Finance Colombia: How did you and the company end up here in Medellin , Colombia ? Brett Artman: The company was cofounded by myself and my wife Paula. Paula has been a bilingual elementary teacher
Medellin-based incubator buys Colombia tech publication Social Geek
Colombia Reports
Spanish-language technology publication Social Geek has been bought by Medellin -based business incubator Espacio, led by former Colombia Reports director Conrad Egusa. Espacio announced the purcha
Permanecen desaparecidas 132 personas en Medellín, Colombia
Prensa Latina
24 de febrero de 2016, 10:28Bogotá, 24 feb (PL) La Personería de la Ciudad de Medellín , la segunda urbe más importante de Colombia , denunció hoy que hay 132 ciudadanos desaparecidos en la capital



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