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Keep your Newspaper up to date with the latest News coming from the more digital Newspapers of the world

KeyTopics is a boueX app that will easily let you get the Breaking News of the most important digital Newspapers of your State / Country and keep your frontpage updated with the News you want to offer to your readers filtered by those KeyTopics that you will save right here. In a few seconds you will write until 3 words that better describe those News you want to give to your Newspaper and a second after that, it will be filled with the information that KeyTopics offer at this moment. These News will be updated all the time without the need of doing anything until you decide to change your KeyTopics or not. This service is available 24hs, 365 days a year
By default, your Nespaper will activate the app and Publish News By two KeyWords, your State and Country. i.e. ""Quebec"" and ""Canada""
You can choose not use KeyTopics and keep only publishing your own News but you should know that your News will be always published above the KeyTopics News. KeyTopics is now ACTIVE in your Newspaper, if you wanna change the KeyWords you should go to



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