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by Carola Castillo
Cartagena Colombia
'The Amazing Race' Season 28 Episode 2 Spoilers: Teams Head to Cartagena, Colombia
Christian Post
After a non-elimination leg last week, the teams are now headed to Cartagena , Colombia in the next episode of "The Amazing Race" season 28. According to Reality Fan Forum, the teams fly
Arts for all at Cartagena music festival
Toronto Star
So I accepted an invitation from Procolombia, an agency charged with the country's promotion, to attend the 10th anniversary of the Cartagena International Music Festival, following in the foots

Meeting of Filmmakers in Festival of Cartagena, Colombia
Prensa Latina
Bogota, Feb 5 (Prensa Latina) Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Cartagena de Indias will host the Eleventh Meeting of Film Producers, parallel to the 56 International Film Festival of t
Colombia National Aviary takes flight in Cartagena
Caribbean News Now (press release) (blog)
Among Colombia's many species of birds, 86 are endemic, and a record 197 are migratory species. Fifteen species are in critical danger of extinction, 36 are in danger, 50 species are vulnerable
Zika virus has socialites scared for Colombia getaway
Page Six
New York socials were due to flock to Cartagena , Colombia , this weekend for the engagement party for billionaire Alejandro Santo Domingo and Lady Charlotte Wellesley — but the Zika virus has some



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