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How much money can I earn?
How can I get my AdSense Account and start earning money?
What is my bRank?
How can I get the maximum of 90 on my bRank?
How do I know what is my bRank?
What if I dont want an AdSense Account?
Is there any cost to start earning with AdSense in boueX?
How will I get my earnings?

How much money can I earn?

There are no Limits for this. boueX and Google AdSense encourage the traffic, so how much money you can earn, that is entirely up to you and how much attention you give your Newspaper.

How can I get my AdSense Account and start earning money?

3 quick steps:
    1. Get a Google AdSense Account. This is very simple and ABSOLUTELLY FREE.
    Click here and complete the AdSense form, in the following way:

      Website URL:
      Website language: your preference (i.e. English)
      Account type: Individual

      ...and the rest with your personal info. After submitting this form, you will get the chance to create a new Google Account or use yours if you already have one. Once this is done, you will need to activate it from the confirmation email you will get.

    2. Once your AdSense account is active, Google could take up to 48hs to approve your request, however you can go ahead and start creating the AdSense blocks:

    • Go to AdSense >> "My Ads" and press the button "+ New ad unit"
    • There you should fill the form in this way:
      Name: [your preference]
      Ad size: 200 x 200: Small Square
      Ad type: [your preference]

    • leave the rest as it is and press the button "Save and get code"

    3. Copy / paste this code in one of the text areas in Make Money with AdSense and boueX screen and save your changes.
    Until Google approve your request, your front page will display a blank space mixed with boueX Ads. This intermitence will depend on your bRank , but once you are approved, every click from your readers will increase your AdSense Earnings, depending on the mentioned bRank.

You can add up to 4 blocks, to do that, repeat steps 2 and 3...

What is my bRank?

Your bRank is how many of the total AdSense ads displayed on your Newspaper will be yours. The range is between 50 - 90 and with just put your AdSense code, the 50% of the total advertising impressions will be yours (yes, without publish any News the 50% of the clicks will be increasing your earnings).
But, if you regularly publish notes get visits, comments and points from your readers, your bRank will be much higher, up to 90, so the 90% of the AdSense advertisements on your Newspaper will be yours!

How can I get the maximum of 90 on my bRank?

Do you wanna get 90 in your bRank and reach the point where 90 of 100 Ads impressions in your Newspaper are for your profit, these are the details:
  • The most important point is how many Notes you publish in the last 48hs. Your readers will always want a newspaper that keeps updated the main page, so this is very important.
  • The second point is td to how many points you get from your readers. If you use the LetF tool to recommend your Newspaper to your friends, we recommend you ask them to give you points if they really like what they are reading.
  • Another very important factor is visits. When you write an article in boueX, you always want that people, pay attention, recommend your Notes or share your Newspaper using LetF or some other social tool, like the Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn buttons to let your friends know that you just wrote a Note, that will also increase your earnings in AdSense.
  • The last point but no less important, is comments. We really want users to discuss and give ideas, encourage your readers to comment on your notes.

  • ***None of these subjects will make you reach the maximum bRank, only the mixture of them all will let you increase your profits.

How do I know what is my bRank?

Easy. If you are logged in, you will see a static square in the lower right corner of your screen thatt contains a number, this is your bRank, updated all the time.

*** This bRank number will be updated all the time you publish a note, receive a visit, a comment or you are scored.

What if I dont want an AdSense Account?

Nothing. In this case you hace 2 options:
    1. Leave the option to "Display Advertising on my front page and Articles." checked in Make Money with AdSense and boueX in which case, all Advertising displayed in your Newspaper will be for boueX profit until you decide to put your own AdSense code.
    2. Deactivate this option and no Advertising will be displayed at all.

    ***This option as any other option can be changed anytime

Is there any cost to start earning with AdSense in boueX?

Absolutelly NO. Nothing of what you do with boueX or AdSense have a cost.
boueX is a 100% free plattform where you wont pay for any service, on the contrary, you can earn money using our AdSharer, always depending on the content you publish and how often you do it.

How will I get my earnings?

Google AdSense will ask you your billing address information when you sign up. You will be able to consult your earnings there all the time and know when you will receibe your paynment at this address.



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