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On Register you have selected a Country and State. As you already know on boueX you are FREE to PUBLISH what you want when ever you want without restrictions and every news you post will be shown on your Newspaper WITHOUT LIMITS until you decide the opposite.
But you need to remember that every News Published has the chance to be part of the GLOBAL Newspaper of your State or Country, depending on the selection you made at the moment of Publishing this news.

i.e. if you are registered to California, United States, at the moment of Publish a new News you will have to choose where will this be connected to, to the California or to the Country GLOBAL Newspaper when this News reaches the minimum Score required, and of course it depends on your decision that will depend on the content of this News.
But you must be wondering, what is needed to reach these Global Newspapers, the answer is very simple: All Active News Scored with over 20pts can be shown on a GLOBAL Newspaper.

You will get a confirmation email once a news of your own reach this page and a you will see a Mark to the left of every Titles that are ranked to be a GLOBAL News.
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