bouex - Get your own Digital Newspaper

from any device with internet access, you can PUBLISH your NEWS on your Newspaper with all the Images you want. Is very easy, and you dont need to get any application.

Just do the following:
  • Get into the email account you are using with your boueX
  • Create a new email and attach all the images you want to PUBLISH on your NEWS(.jpg or .gif)
  • On your Subject enter <Safe Word>: + <the title of the News> so we know that you want to "transform" this email on a News
  • on the mail's body write what you want to be the Body of the News
  • Finally send this email to
  • Within the next 30 minutes your News will be Published to your Newspaper!

  • More info about how to ENABLE the Remote Publication and your Safe Word, click here

    PUBLISH from your EMAIL!

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